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Injection Molding Services

In the A&A Injection Molding division, we accommodate both large and small injection molding programs. A&A can work with you to provide a competitive solution based on your needs. Our skilled staff is ready to evaluate and discuss your requirements.

Blanket Orders

A&A will evaluate your production requirements and implement a program to inventory parts and ship on demand for your convenience.


Machines ranging from 75-550 tons

Secondary Operations

A&A can address parts requiring post molding services.


We offer a full-service Tool Room to maintain your molds. Additionally we can supply a qualified mold for your application.


Injection Molding - Plastic Parts

Additional Services:

  • Mold Maintenance & Repair
  • Pick-Up & Delivery
  • Powder Coating
  • Second & Third Step Assembly
  • Tool & Die




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