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Injection Molding FAQ

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General Questions

  • What is Injection Molding?
  • What is a mold?
  • What is the basic Injection Molding cycle?
  • What type of equipment is used?
  • Where is A&A's Injection Molding facility located?


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    What is Injection Molding?

    Injection Molding is a manufacturing process where raw plastic resins are melted and injected under pressure into a mold where it is formed into a specific product. Injection molding will usually offer the lowest cost for your plastic parts. This process is best suited when many parts are required. A variety of resins are available to accomplish properties such as strength, ultraviolet protection and even RF shielding.


    What is a mold?

    The mold is the tool that is required to form the shape and features required in the product(s). It is custom designed for this purpose and is made to be clamped into the molding press (machine), withstand the injection pressure, to remove the heat from the plastic and to eject the part(s). A mold may produce one or many parts with each machine cycle. It may also be designed to produce several different parts each time. Molds are machined from a variety of metals from aluminum to hardened tool steel.


    What is the basic Injection Molding cycle?

    The molding cycle is the sequence by which the process produces the part(s). The machine closes the mold. Plastic is then injected and held under pressure until cool. The machine then opens the mold and part(s) are ejected.


    What type of equipment is used?

    At A&A, we have 21 molding presses from 75 to 100 tons. The surface area of the part(s) and the type of resin used dictates the size of the press required.


    Where is our facility located?

    A&A Global Industries, Inc.
    17 Stenersen Lane
    Cockeysville, MD 21030

    Injection Molding Contact
    Steve Kovens, EVP
    800-638-6000, ext. 337